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You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You are here.


Absolutely nothing in this world happens by chance and having come this far - you are here for a reason. I invite you to continue on your journey with me. Together, let’s take the steps to live your best possible life.

Welcome to Holding Space Heals with Risa.

'Holding Space' means to be with someone without judgment. . .

To donate your ears and heart . . 

- Psychology Today 

About  Risa


Risa is a Transformational Coach and Intuitive Healer. 


Risa will helps you heal your emotional wounds and release those patterns which no longer serve you.


Risa believes these emotional wounds can manifest in a myriad of forms including addiction, toxic relationships, self-sabotage, codependency, anxiety and beyond. 


It's not your fault you have formed such coping mechanisms.


It is your time to choose better for yourself, together let's heal within AND heal without. 

I've been a closeted self-help junkie ever since I realized the power to heal was within me. Taking responsibility for my life and the sum of all my actions - as scary as that was - that was me showing up for myself.

The notion that you are responsible for EVERYTHING in our life is kind of like the Matrix - once you know it exists it's impossible to ignore and there is no going back . . . 


My Coaching Philosophy

I take a customized and holistic approach to healing. Just as every person is different, so is your healing journey. 

The solution comes via Risa's holistic process in which you will both go within and heal your inner-emotional wounds while simultaneously manifesting a better life



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With unconditional support from me (your own little village) we will dismantle self-sabotage and replace it with self-actualization.

Start your change now!

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Who Is This For?

Humans are complicated. We each are our own universe with life experiences, perspectives and beliefs specific to our unique set of life circumstances. Needless to say we are each unique and come with our own set of evolving life lessons.

Do you want a healthy relationship in which you are appreciated for your authentic self?

Do you want put an end to self-sabotaging behaviors and live a fulfilling life?

This and way more is possible!

Now is the time to take your life into your own hands.

The choice to hire me will allow you to show up for that inner child who is crying for your attention and live a life with intention and meaning.

My Coaching Services



Lori W. VP, 

Managing Director

I have had the privilege to meet with Risa many times as she has coached me over the past few months. From the beginning, Risa created a warm and safe environment that helped me become comfortable in sharing as well as feeling open to accepting feedback and advice. Risa is fully engaged in every session, she is listening and understanding what I’m saying and she pulls in thoughts from prior sessions to ensure the conversations are building on each other. Each session has included suggestions for actionable work that I can immediately begin incorporating into my life. In between our sessions Risa checks in with me to see how I’m feeling and how I’ve been progressing. I see measurable changes in myself. I am so happy I’ve had the opportunity and I look forward to continuing our work together.

Julia T.

Director Strategy

Risa brings a sense of peace into my life. Lately, when days vacillate between great, awful, and vast nothingness, Risa helps sort through all the emotions. By talking through issues and unpacking and repackaging them I can make better sense of my world and how to navigate it. Through her Reiki practice, Risa helps me feel calm, grounded, and connected. There are days when I've even felt my physical pain disappear and transform from her energy healing. I cannot recommend a session with Risa more.

Marina S.


Risa is the coach you take on when you want to see real results. Even in a time of incredible uncertainty (hello pandemic!), Risa has been a grounding force that helped me design a long and short term plan of action, achieve structure and proceed with mindfulness in achieving my goals. Her unique practice combines traditional principles, reiki energy healing, and that little touch of woowoo that we all need to feel connected. Yes, she's that good. 

Ilana S.


Risa's ability to read between the lines enabled my capacity to i dentify and shift self-sabotaging behaviors. 

Upon meeting and having our first conversation, we were able to: Name the goal, Break up the work into digestible parts AND Create a specific calendar of actionable items in order to achieve said goals. Her holistic approach proved very useful for me to see how personal events throughout my life have affected my professional life, and vice versa. She is fully invested in my success and she hols me accountable in the best way. 

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