Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I've decided to call this one 'raw'.

Usually my 'paintings' (feels weird calling them that) take on a life of their own and often end up VERY different then they start.

Raw follows a theme that has sort of naturally been coming up in my paintings. This, believe or not, started as a VERY rough sketch of a sculpture at The MET (metropolitan museum of art).

With a serious lack of subjects to paint, I one nice day in summer took this sketch to the park and started to paint on top of it, after that it looked like this . . .

I didn't touch it for a while, just kinda sat on my easle collecting dust. Then one night I had that creative spark and I started lining her with red (thought in my mind I pictured pink, different shades of pink - that didn't happen)  and then it started to turn into this. . .

Finally (a good 2 months and a vacation later) last Saturday night (yes, this is what i did on my saturday night and it was awesome) . . . I decided to just go with it and let whatever happen happen....

Bringing us back to 'raw' ~ for me it's raw in every sense of the word, inside out, red and honest -

The triangles are strategically places on specific personal points on her body which i've recently been discovering hold some old trapped "feelings" in my own body, tying it back into the raw theme. I never pictured what her body would look like if you strip the skin, but raw gives me an idea.

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