An Ode to Coconut Oil

Many websites list  coconut oils glorious wonders and endless uses.

I say enough with the lists. It's time I profess my love.

Without further ado..... AN ODE TO COCONUT OIL

Coconut oil, with out you ...

My skin would be very dry.

For, i slather you on my skin no matter why.

In winter you quench my parched epidermis,

In summer you shield me from the suns surface...  (it's naturally SPF4, for realz)

After a night out;

When all i want to do it sleep;

I look in the mirror and almost weep.

My eyes are black, and i'm too lazy to shower;

Worry no more that I don't have the power.

I wipe my face with your oily cream;

And low and behold i'm sparkly clean.

Anti-wrinkle, anti-gravity;

Anti-fungus, anti-cavity .

Coconut oil - what can't you do?

Really truly, I love you.

Solid in the cold.

And liquid in the heat.

You've already got the weather beat.

Good for the heart.

Great for the skin.

Coconut oil, you my best frind :D

Pro-life. Coconut oil. Expeller Pressed - Cold. 

Joanne - that was for you ;)

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