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"It Takes a Village". This message is timeless because it is true.

Nowadays, we find ourselves fragmented from communities more than ever. For the first time in history we are moving miles, if not thousands of them, away from our nuclear and extended families. Our society values independence and self-sufficiency, which are important, but they do not exist in a vacuum. Humans are social by nature. We need to connect with other humans in order to foster meaning and thus our will to live.

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We often don't begin seeing results until we accept this notion and take a leap of faith to reach out to others for help.

Think of any successful growth oriented program. From the 12 step programs - all the way to weight watchers! The focus on a community in which people can be heard and in turn hold space for each other is an imperative piece to the healing process.


This can come in many forms and I believe a single supportive relationship in the form of a trusted guide can and will move mountains.


There is no shame in this universal need. With the right guide we are held accountable and supported, less alone and more connected.


So yes, you do need me. And I you. Together we can do what neither of us could do alone - and that’s the magic sauce.

This brings me to my approach…

What is my approach to working together? I have a ‘custom’ healing approach. I am a certified Life Coach, accredited in positive psychology, a Reiki practitioner, and I also come from from a long line of Kabbalists hailing from the middle east (woah) - so ancestral knowledge has been passed along through generations.


Tapping into my toolbox - we will come up with a custom and comprehensive plan which will allow you to take control of your own healing with unconditional support from me (your own little village), the energy around us, and most importantly yourself.

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This all may sound woo woo, but I am also a Virgo. A Virgo is an earth sign. Grounded and practical. Check out a few of the tools in my bag of healing tricks:

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Congrats on taking the first step - if you read through this you are open to being your own ally and best friend.

Together, we will come up with a custom and comprehensive plan which will allow you to take control of your own healing with support from me (your own little village) the energy around us, and most importantly yourself.

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